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Center For LASER

Center For LASER


Dr. Padmaja Patnaik


Research & Application Center

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Dr. Padmaja Patnaik

Dr. Subhraraj Panda

Mr. T Jagannath Patro

Mrs. Truptimayee Behera

Mr. Biswaranjan Mishra

Santanu Kumar Nayak

Dipan Kumar Das

Focus areas

  • New LASER Materials
  • Industrial Applications of LASER 
  • Medical Applications of LASER



  • Published a book, Laser Modelling Using Principles of Design Thinking.

Domain Courses

Industrial Lasers


  • 'Molecular Interaction of Polymer Dextran in Sodium Hydroxide through Evaluation of Thermo Acoustic Parameters', Subhraraj Panda, Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Jul-Sep. 2020, 54(3) 630-636.
  • 'Analysis and diagnostic of distribution transformer oil in lieu of life expectancy', Pratyasha Mohanty, Subhraraj Panda and Swakantik Mishra, Test Engineering and Management, May - June 83(may-june), 2020, 9638 – 9648.
  • 'Saturated absorption spectroscopy of Rubidium by modulated probe beam', Subhraraj Panda and Rakesh Kumar Mallik, Aegaeum Journal, Volume 8, Issue 4, 2020, 1128-1134.
  • 'Molecular interaction of dextran with urea through Ultrasonic technique', Subhraraj Panda and Achyuta Prasad Mahapatra, Clay Research, 2019,38(1) 35-42.
  • 'Ultrasonic Study of Acoustical Parameters of Dextran Solution with 1(N) NaOH at Different Temperatures and Concentrations', Subhraraj Panda and Achyuta Prasad Mahapatra, Journal of pure and applied Ultrasonics, 2018, 40, 100-105.
  • 'A Computational Approach to Understand the Electronic properties of Erbium Doped Silicon Carbide', Dipan Kumar Das, Padmaja Patnaik,  Indian Journal of Natural Sciences, June 2020, 10(60), 25348 - 25353.
  • 'First Principle Verification Electronic Properties of Rhodium Doped Silicon Carbide ', Santanu Kumar Nayak, Padmaja Patnaik, Indian Journal of Natural Sciences, June 2020, 10(60), 25297-25301. 

Our Main Teachers

Dr. Padmaja Patnaik has done her PhD in Physics from IITB, Mumbai. She focuses on the application of theory behind many scientific research and applications in the field of Physics and Material Science to solve modern day problems and foster innovation at grass root and industry levels. She has published a book and papers in […]