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Center for Waste to Wealth Management

Center for Waste to Wealth Management


Dr. Amiya Singh


Research & Application Center

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Center Name : Waste to Wealth Management



 Dr. Narayan Gouda                           Dr. Pratap K. Chhotray                          Dr. Sangram K. Swain                          Dr. Atia Arzoo


   Dr. Vijay Miditana                          Somalika Pradhan                                     M. Vignesh                                         Bikash Samantray 


I. Siva Ramakoti                              Dr. Rajib K. Majhi                                  Dr. Limbraj P. Pholane                        Kulabhusan Pradhan


 Dr. Bhupinder Kaur                     Suvechha Hota

Focus Areas

  • Packaging Solution using Agriculture Residue
  • Parameter Optimization in Sewage Treatment Process
  • Products using Plastic Waste
  • Fabric using Biowaste
  • Innovation in hand made paper making process
  • Innovative utilities from Paper Waste
  • Segregation and Processing of E-Waste

Completed Projects


  1. Design process and improvisation
  2. Process to different variants
  3. Cost optimization


  1. Designing the prototype that runs on single-phase AC
  2. Improvising for lightweight, cost reduction, and uniformity in production quality
  3. Ensuring design simplicity for lower maintenance cost

Ongoing Projects


  • Production of pulp from paddy straw
  • Improving strength and binding of the fibre
  • Design prototypes and validation for packaging of different products
  • Process optimization for commercial production



  • Experimental setup and process to extract cellulose acetate from biowaste
  • Exploring capabilities of different biowaste to meet the demand
  • Producing yarn/fabric as the end product


  • Collection and segregation of plastic waste
  • Developing the right composition of plastic waste and other aggregates
  • Designing molds for the desired shape
  • Testing and Analysis the parameters for applications


  • Study of the growth and behavior of different kinds of fungus
  • Experimenting quality of fungus materials from agri-waste
  • Optimizing the parameters and environments for faster growth
  • Testing and analysis of the parameters of the material
  • Designing of molds to suitably accommodate the growth


  • Improving the process of handmade papermaking
  • Innovating different variants and  products
  • Strengthening the supply chain


  • Channelizing collection of E-Waste
  • SoP to process and reutilize
  • Creating the appropriate market interface


Production of liquid fuel from plastic waste
  • Collection and segregation of plastic waste
  • Production of liquid fuel from plastic waste by pyrolysis process
  • Characterization of pyrolytic oil

Center Patents/ Design Patents/ Copyrights

  • Amiya Singh, Prem Shankar Pandey, Ahmed Raza, Jamalludin Khan, Rezwan Khan - Compact Semi-automatic Paper Pen and Pencil Making Machine - Application No.202031027660 A (Publication Date: 17/07/2020)
  • Jitendra Pramanik, Amiya Singh, Alok Sahu, Jabir Alam - Mushroom Material: the Grown Composite from agriculture waste to ECO-friendly packaging solution - Application No. 201931013037 (Provisionally filed- 01/04/2019)
  • Amiya Singh, Jitendra Pramanik, Amarjit Singh - Strawposites: Packing composite material from Paddy Straw - Application No. 201931000446 (Provisionally filed- 01/04/2019)


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Industry Partners

  • MoU with SGR Pvt. Ltd ( for collection and channelization of Paper and cloth waste, Plastic waste, E-waste
  • MoU with Auroville papers ( and Wellpapers (, Puducherry: Training on Handmade papermaking and paper waste to products


  • Waste to Wealth Action Learning Lab.
  • Handmade Paper Making Unit
  • Advanced Material Testing Lab.
  • Modeling and Simulation Lab.


  • Handmade Papers (60GSM, 90 GSM, 150 GSM)
  • Notepads, Diaries etc.
  • Paper and Ceramic based designs and decors
  • LIKHAN Paper Pens and Pencils

Our Main Teachers