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Centre for Commercialization of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CCIE)

Centre for Commercialization of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CCIE)


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Dr Madhusmita Choudhury


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 About the Centre


CIEC is an incubator for nano and micro enterprises. It leverages Centurion University's industry level production facilities/labs, 3D printing infrastructure, digital design lab and research outputs created by various research centres to encourage and nurture entrepreneurs. It also promotes entrepreneurship development among the students, faculty members, and the community around its Campuses. It also has a multi-seat co-working space that currently hosts eight ventures at various stages of their development. CIEC is supported by Government of Odisha, Start-up Odisha program and a network of mentors. Under its aegis, Centurion University has partnered with FICCI-FLO (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry's women wing) for a specifically women-entrepreneurs targeted program in Odisha. This program is expected to nurture women entrepreneurs by connecting them with mentors as well as supporting them to gain access to capital and creating market linkages.


CIEC has built an ecosystem that encourages and supports students and faculty with their start-ups by offering co-working space, common facilities centres, state-of-the-art workshops and laboratories. The infrastructure combined with its unique model of education aims at inculcating a scientific temper among its students to encourage entrepreneurship through action and experiential learning. The success of this endeavour is proven through the several start-ups (led by students) on the Campus. CIEC is a partner Incubation hub of Govt of Odisha Start-Up initiative through which it promotes entrepreneurship among students and other potential nano-mini-micro entrepreneurs. It assists start-ups at all stages towards becoming independent and productive.


  • To provide mentoring & incubating facility to young minds,
  • To create a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Centurion University,
  • To work as a nodal agency for the start-up Odisha secretariat,
  • To provide financial support from the start-up secretariat to it’s the incubated start-ups.

Support we provide

  • Work Space support
  • Mentoring support
  • Training need analysis
  • Managerial & Business support training
  • Technical Support
  • Market linkages
  • Scale up Plan
  • Seed Money

Next 5-year plan

  • On boarding Students RC Members & Faculties
  • 200 entities to be on boarded with pre incubation stage.
  • At least 100 Pre-incubated entities to be fully incubated.
  • More mentoring and sustainable plans to be shared with Incubates.
  • Funding and Financial support to be extended for upcoming Start Ups.
  • More Workshops/Seminars/Meetings to be arranged for scaling up.
  • 100 copyrights to be filled.
  • 350 Patents to be filled.


Incubation Report-2022

Focus areas


Skill Courses

Its contribution to Innovation and Entrepreneurship : Showcase IIC and its contribution to different rankings

Contribution for Institute’s Innovation Council (IIC) ranking

Institute’s Innovation Council (IIC) is a faculty-experts-student council which takes on multiple activities to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship round the year. IIC’s objective is to prepare the students with skills like critical thinking, Design Thinking, Innovative thought process and Entrepreneurial mindset. The center with the help of its member and IIC member will ensure the followings.

  • Manage Activities for Atal Tinkering Labs/schools by providing them mentoring support for developing innovative prototype/products.
  • Manage Incubation/ Pre-incubation / IPR/TTO centers which help in giving different types of schemes/agency names to support the Business/Start-up in developing financial strengths.
  • The Incubation/ Pre-incubation / IPR/TTO centers further helps in mentoring support, seed grant support, Pre-incubation Facility support (Idea to Prototype and innovative business plan development), Incubation Facility support (innovative Business model to startup and market linkage during growth stage), investment support from Angel investors or Venture capital investors for funding support.
  • The Incubation/ Pre-incubation / IPR/TTO centers further provides different range of services like
    • Access to Angel investment support/ linkages
    • Access to Enterprise Simulation software/ Module for enterprise establishment planning.
    • Access to expert / Mentor/Advisory support for one to one mentoring/ advisory.
    • Access to knowledge resources (paid / non-paid) E-library and Library at institute.
    • Access to License software such as Enterprise Resources planning (ERP) on Nominal rate.
    • Access to Loan from Financial institutions / credit Linked schemes of Govt Agencies
    • Access to tools & Machinery at advance Lab/ innovative center for use.
    • Access to venture capital fund support /linkages
    • Access/ logistics support to take part in theme related competition /conference/seminar etc.
    • Accommodation facility at institution/ centre
    • Any other services but related to innovation, IP & Start-up etc.
    • Co-working space at incubation unit (Free/Rental Basis)
    • Cubic space at incubation unit (Free/Rental Basis)
    • Facilitate networking and provide access to collaboration and Business/ Market Linkage.
    • Facilitate start-up registration & Regulatory compliances and use of Address for registration.
    • Facilitate / Access to legal and Account/Audit support.
    • Grand & Mini challenges and competitions / Hackathon / Contest
    • Grant support to set-up Pre-Incubation / Incubation / IP & Tech Transfer infrastructure / Facilities.
    • Idea/ Innovation validation consultation and expert services.
    • IP/ Patent filing support – Expert Access and related funding
    • Maker’s space for Non IT based idea to prototype development.
    • Market Research and Business/ Enterprise Model development.
    • Organize of Seminars/ conferences/symposium in the area of Innovation/IPR/Start-up
    • Organize Training and skill development in the areas of innovations / IPR/Start-ups
    • Proof of concept (POC) Validation & Development consultation and expert services.
    • Provide or Access to avail seed/ Grant fund support/ Access to Govt. schemes available at center.
    • Referral & Linkage support with other incubators and ecosystem enablers.
    • Research grant for innovation and Business development.
    • Seed grants to Entrepreneurs & innovators.
    • Technology Transfer & Commercialization support.
    • Training & skill development in the area of innovation , IPR & Start-up
    • UX/UI/Simulation platform for IT based idea to prototype development.
    • Virtual incubation support( Free/charge basis)
  • Creation of E – Repository for courses related to Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
  • Creation of National Repository system for Idea/POC, Innovation/Prototype & Business Model/Start-up.


Contribution for Atal Ranking of Institutions on innovation acheviements ranking

Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA) is an initiative of Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India to systematically rank all major higher educational institutions and universities in India on indicators related to “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development” amongst students and faculties. The following are the major contributions from CCIE for different parameters which help in getting higher ARIIA rankings.

  • Policy and Institutionalization of I&E Activities in HEIs
  • Teaching and Learning courses on innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Pre-incubation & incubation infrastructure & Facilities to promote I&E agenda.
  • Generation & Support of Ideas/Prototypes/ innovations at HEI and recognition received.
  • Start-ups/ ventures established & supported at HEI and & recognition received.
  • Collaboration with other incubation units, HEIs and industry associations to strengthen better services and support to innovation & startups at HEI.
  • Intellectual property (IP), Generation and commercialization

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