Dr. Pradipta Banerjee

Analytical Instruments Handled:
  • Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM, Carl Zeiss), Cryostat, HPLC, FT-IR, Rotary Evaporator, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Light Microscope, Fluorescent Microscope, Confocal Microscope (LSM880, Carl Zeiss), Axioscanner (Carl Zeiss), Cytospin, Soxhlet Apparatus, Distillation set
Practical Exposures
  • Molecular Biology Techniques: Real time-PCR, ELISA, Plasmid isolation, Histological staining (Immunocytochemistry, Immunohistochemistry), RNA isolation using various kits, c-DNA synthesis using kits, RNA amplification using kit, Isolation of monocytes and Macrophage from blood/wound VAC/bone marrow, Isolation of macrophages and neutrophil from subcutaneous sponges implanted in mice
  • Cell culture: Mammalian cell culture techniques
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